Me, 2015

Thank you for visiting my site.

I’m Marilyn Krell, and Photo Natalia is the registered name for my photography business. Many times, I get asked who is Natalia? Well, it’s me. My mother liked the name and I agree with her. It’s too pretty of a name to not use it, right?

I have been around photography from the time I was born. I still remember watching my father take photos of people at the family studio. The smell of the chemicals in the dark room, and playing knights with sword made from the negative rolls are living memories. The darkroom was a place where magic happened. I would watch my father convert negative images into positive ones. Then he would color them. Absolutely magical! As an adult, I see images as time frozen, some wonderful and some we would like to wish away, and yet are not able. As one of my favorite photography critics, Roland Barthes, put it, “the photograph is never anything but the an antiphon of the ‘Look’, ‘See,’ ‘Here it is,’ it points to a certain 'vis-à-vis,' and it cannot escape this pure deictic language” (Camera Lucida , 1981).

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